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What’s New: Weekly Blog Features

February 10, 2012

Author: Joan

Store News

At Over the Rainbow, we’ve been busy planning ways to amp up your online experience for 2012 and beyond. We’ve had an online presence for quite some time now and we want to continue to provide great content for our fans to help us grow. This includes bringing you a more robust website for our online product catalogue www.rainbowjeans.com which is currently in its stages of being re-vamped. We also have a great following on Facebook and Twitter to send out real-time alerts and messages to our customers for new arrivals, store contests and events.

However, we feel that our blog (www.insiderainbow.com) captures the most attention from our followers as we can get more in-depth and detailed with our content (writing in 140 characters or less can sometimes be challenging). So starting in a few weeks, we will be featuring weekly updates to get your fill of the store, our experts and trends within the industry.


Hot & Fresh Mondays

There’s no reason to hate Monday mornings anymore, now that we will be bringing you fresh picks of new items that arrive in the store. It’s always a treat for us when we receive our new shipments and we want to share the same buzz around the store to our customers online. 

Art of Denim Wednesdays

If you have been following Over the Rainbow’s Fashion Blog since its launch in 2007, you would know that we had a segment dedicated solely to denim and the industry. The old blog page was called The Art of Denim and written by our very own denim-expert, Daniel Carman.

“The Art of Denim is a new blog feature strictly for the true denim purist. It is for the jean connoisseur with the desire and passion to understand everything about how denim is designed, cut, sewn, and washed. Many of the brands carried at Over the Rainbow have their own unique methods and techniques behind their denim production. Now it’s time to bring this knowledge to the forefront.”

It was a great feature that brought our readers inside the world of denim. Everything from construction, terminology, care and trends within the industry was discussed, so we’re bringing it back!

We also want to take it a step further and make it as interactive as possible – we want YOU to write us the questions and we will choose the ones to answer for that week. So get your questions ready, and e-mail them to web@rainbowjeans.com and we’ll let you know when your question has been picked so you can tune in for the answer.

Feature Fridays

For the new year we’ve included a roster of new brands to our current mix. Every Friday, we will be featuring different lines, their background, design philosophy and key pieces selected for the store. It’s a great way to end the week for all those who are looking for new outfit inspirations and gives us a reason to get YOU, our customer, and a chance to come and visit us and check them out in person.

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