NEW BRAND: Denham the Jeanmaker

April 12, 2011

Author: Daniel

Brand News

Jason Denham was a collector before he ever became a designer. Throughout the years, Denham travelled worldwide to amass an impressive collection of vintage garments from many different design eras. Denham’s true passion, however, lies in denim. He not only loved the function of denim, but the story behind its creation & rise. Denham sought to create a brand with both in mind: functionality and story.

Denham the Jeanmaker focuses on balancing progressive design with original jean craftsmanship. They combine the finest denim fabric with state-of-the-art pocket designs and wash detail to create a jean with unique style with a solid foundation. For those consumers who only want simplicity, Denham’s own Virgin Selvedge program is authentically produced to go up against raw denim jean in the market. Even their sportswear has small details in look & craft that can only be identified with Denham.

Over the Rainbow is proud to be a part of Denham the Jeanmaker’s first season in Canada. We encourage all of you to check out the new men’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection in the store. Some preview shots of what to look for is below…

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